SWANNDALE KENNELS are conveniently situated
just 10 minutes from the M6 Motorway at Haydock, Lancashire, in a semirural location.

I judge dogs at all levels, awarding CC's to
Lancashire Heelers, Welsh Corgis and
Cardigan Corgis. John judges many breeds
and gives CC's in Lancashire Heelers.
He will be judging the Heeler Club
Championship Show in Sweden in 2005.
We have both judged Crufts.

Both John and I have now retired so we have
more time left for our dogs and spend with the
Heeler Club which I am Chairperson of.

All Swanndale Lancashire Heelers are bred for quality, temperament and breed type.
Our Heelers are pets first and show dogs second.

We go caravanning to some of the dog shows in the summer,
the dogs just love to come with us.

This picture is of me age 10 with my very first corgi his name is Kim,
he lived to be 14 years old and I loved him dearly.

My first litter of Pembroke Corgis

Picture of my first champion corgi Ch Shady Affair at Swanndale

Picture of John my husband age 19 with his Swanndale whippets,
John had many wins with his whippets B0B and wins at CRUFTS
he was very successful with them.

Picture of John winning BOB with the Judge and one of his Whippets
at the Woolton Dog Show many years ago.