The Lancashire Heeler Club do a super little book called 'A Lancashire ... What?'

This book is compiled and edited by Mrs Chris Norman.
It is a must for anyone thinking of buying a Heeler.

Price: £2.50

Tel: 01743 891689

It tells you all you need to know about Lancashire Heelers.

The contents include...

A Lancashire Heeler What? by Sue Middleton
The versatile Lancashire Heeler, by Enid Lord.
Characteristics of the Lancashire Heeler.
Essential items for a puppy.
Taking your puppy home.
Training your Lancashire Heeler, by Jackie Reid.
Doreen Paige Products.
Showing your Lancashire Heeler.
Common problems.
General hints and tips.
Caring for your 'Golden Oldie'.
Providing for the future.
Insuring your puppy.
Inherited eye diseases in the Lancashire Heeler.
The Lancashire Heeler standard.