Every dog owner has the responsibility to have a well behaved dog, a disobedient dog can be a menace to yourself and to your family.

Most professional kennels would advise you to start training your pup about 6 months old however, I do believe that a little sitting and lead work before 6 month does not do any harm.

When your pup has had its last innoculations, let it see and hear as much as possible so it becomes used to loud noises, etc.

The way to start training is to get your pup accustomed to a collar and lead. At first the pup will realise he is losing the battle and will start to walk sensibly. If he lags behind or runs ahead a few short, gentle tugs are all that should ever be used.

Once your pup starts to walk reasonably well start changing the direction in which you are walking an again, give him a gentle tug so that he follows you change the pace, quick to slow, the direction from right to left and after a while the pup will start to pay attention to your body movement instead of being tugged all the time.

The next stage is the sitting procedure, when walking you pup on the leash always stop, every so often and make your pup sit.

At first when you stop, place your hand on their hind quarters and press down until the pup is in the sitting position.

Always say sit during this procedure, when he starts to sit automatically you can then start he sit and stay procedure.

While your pup is in the sitting position, stand in front of him with your hand raised and tell him to stay.

If he moves, place him back in the same position continue this procedure until you are confident he will stay and progress this by extending the distance between you can start the recall.

Make him sit and stay walk away to a comfortable distance, and beckon him to you. When training your pup always be firm and let your pup know that this is not playtime.

The main word is NO and when you use this word make sure your pup responds an great help is the tone of voice, if the pup does not obey when you say NO you must let him know your displeasure.

Always praise him when he responds correctly to a command, as I said before try to make it fun so that you build up a relationship between you and your puppy. Patience is the key and it can be frustrating at times, when certain commands are not obeyed, but never lose your temper and I assure you that you will overcome any problems.

You always show your heeler on the table as in the photo and you stand in front of him, you will need to train you pup to stand on the table, this can be done little at a time.

If you go to your local training classes you and your dog will be trained how to show you dog in the ring.

When Showing your dog must always be clean and you to must look smart and probably compliment the dog, but wear comfortable, practical shoes, you may be on your feet for hours.

So have a great time with your new puppy.